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Bio Geometric Integration in Orlando FL is a radically different way of viewing the structure and function of the body. It recognizes that all physical structure has an underlying frequency or vibration. This includes all real physical issues that cause joint pain, muscle tension, back pain, headaches, etc. It follows, therefore, that if the vibration and frequency can be changed, then the physical problem and the symptoms can be resolved and the patient can be healed. If the patient is not suffering from any symptoms or disease, they may still have real physical tension caused by underlying vibration or frequency issues. These vibration and frequency issues can also be referred to as “stuck energy.”

This energy gets stuck in the body anytime we don’t handle stress well. This could be due to physical stress, such as auto injury or poor posture, mental emotional stress such as frustration or sadness, or even toxins from pollution or processed foods. Any stress can cause stuck energy, frequency and vibration issues which in turn cause physical symptoms and disease.

Why does this matter?

A chiropractor well versed in Bio Geometric Integration or B.G.I. pays close attention to energy, frequency, and vibration while diagnosing conditions and delivering adjustments. This allows the chiropractor to be gentle while still achieving deep adjustments that get great results. Many patients who are nervous about getting adjusted relax easier with a chiropractor who pays attention to these underlying “energetic” factors. This allows for faster, more complete results and satisfied patients!

Is Dr. Mike trained in Bio Geometric Integration in Orlando FL?

Yes. Dr. Mike was one of the first adopters of BGI more than 20 years ago when the approach was first pioneered by Sue Brown, D.C. He has attended countless seminars and was one of a handful of chiropractors selected to be a staff member to help teach the seminars internationally.



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